So how does jobdreaming work?

It lets you look for your next job without jeopardizing your current job!
We filter all of the opportunities we get from recruiters so that you’re only contacted when an opportunity matches the exact criteria you set. We don’t believe looking for a job should be a…job.

We know you don’t want to spend days looking through jobs boards waiting for that perfect position to appear. You also might not want to let others know you would consider a change, and possibly jeopardize the job you already have. Instead of trolling job boards or waiting for a recruiter to call – you take 30 seconds and give us a quick overview of the types of jobs you’d like to be notified about. It can be one thing, or lots of things. You determine how specific you want the notification settings to be.

We give you control of your data like no other service provides, and we filter out the noise so that you only get notified of the right opportunities. We never ask for a resume, or ask you to fill out an application. For that matter, we don’t ask you for your name! When an opportunity does match, we - not the recruiter - will let you know. If you’re interested in the position, we’ll ask you for a bit more information to see if you’re a good fit based on what the recruiter has requested. Then – and ONLY then – we’ll pass your email address on to the recruiter if you’re still interested and give us permission to do so. Instead of a resume or application, the recruiter is provided with details showing exactly how you matched up with their criteria.

No resume. No application. No phone calls.
No spam. Just 30 seconds of your time.

It’s confidential. It’s easy. It’s free. And it’s precise.
You will ONLY be notified of opportunities that match your exact criteria.